1. Seeing all your pens lined up neat and + tidy on your desk gives you a weird, indescribable peace within

Honestly, its weird isn’t it. You feel as if you’ve really really got your life together, when really all you’ve got is £40’s less than you had before you bought them and all you are is controlled and hypnotized by stationery.

2. Doodling is a recreational pastime of yours

Ever’ find when you buy yourself some new pens, all you can think about doing for the next few weeks is rushing home and doodling with them.

4. You actually own weird contraptions, like the eraser shield

But don’t tell anyone, because it’s actually really sad.

6. Making lists is where you excel in life 

You’ve got all sorts of lists going on in your life like: to do lists, shopping lists, stationery lists, bucket lists. You get a massive sense of a achievement when you tick of something you’ve done, even if it’s as insignificant as  plumping your pillows.

7. You own more notebooks than space for all the thoughts in your head.

Stepping into a stationery shop and seeing brand new notebooks that you’ve never seen before, your heart starts pounding, you’re sweating, you can barley breath time has stopped in it’s tracks. You need to buy all of them all at once. And then you come to your senses and buy four even though you’ve already got 29 at home, unused apart from a name written really neatly on the inside of the book.

8. This is what cracking open a brand new moleskin feels/looks like:

And you’ll never use it. Fact. It’s just too beautiful

9. You didn’t even dread the first day of school because of school supply shopping.

Because now you have a reason to buy stationery. And when you come home at the end of the day with enough stationery to last a lifetime and you’re £50’s down you won’t even feel guilty.

10. You’ve owned pens with charms dangling off of them.

You’d pretend your mum bought you it and you only use it so you don’t offend her but you secretly love it and would never take it of the pen, never.

11. You’re of the dying breed of people who still choose to write a letter over email

So you can use all your favorite stationery of course.

12. You’re always looking out for the perfect pencil case.

Even though you’ve got 10 already.

 13. You much prefer a physical planner to Google Calendar.


 14. You have your own definitive ranking of holy grail pens.

You might even have a ranking system of a) glide b) steadfastness and c) grip.

15. You, when someone borrows your favorite pen and doesn’t return it.

You’d go on a rant to some unfortunate person about how someone stole your pen and they’d look at you as if to tell you to get a grip and that it’s not the end of the world but what they don’t realize is, it is the end of the world.


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