The time you spend sitting at a desk staring at a screen can take its toll on your body, whether you work from home or in an office environment. You may find yourself finishing for the day with an aching back or a sore wrist, and these can get worse over time if you frequently spend long hours at a desk. A few tweaks to your habits may help solve these issues.

Take screen breaks

The glare of computer screens is no good for your eyesight, and so make sure to take frequent brakes to avoid eye strain. Adjust your eyes by focusing on something long distance during these breaks, and try to avoid working in a dark room as the glow of the screen can be even more damaging to the eyes. Consider using eye drops if you find your eyes feeling dry after long sessions of looking at the computer screen.

Look after your wrists

Using a mouse with the same hand all day can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury, so make sure your mousepad has a supportive cushion that can help avoid wrist strain. Consider swapping mouse hands if you can to further avoid this problem, and make sure to take frequent breaks when using a computer mouse if possible.


The strain a bad posture can have on your spine and neck should not be underestimated, as these injuries worsen over time. Ensure your desk chair is one that properly supports your hips and back. Make sure to always sit up straight, and adjust your computer monitor to make sure you’re not slumped over in a way that could damage your neck. Also, take frequent breaks if you’re working long hours at a desk, and use this time to properly stretch out all your muscles to increase blood flow.

Stand up

It’s no surprise to hear that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain, plus a whole host of other health issues later on down the line. A sit/stand desk is a great investment that will help your overall posture and health during the working day, as its adjustable height lets you rotate between a standing and sitting position. Even standing for a few minutes every hour can have positive effects.

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