We as humans use have become so reliant on technology nowadays, we can’t even tie our shoe lase without googling an interesting way of doing it, or putting a Snapchat story on of our new TN’s. Unfortunately because of the increase in digital instruments in recent years, it seems writing when it comes to pens, pencils and paper has become somewhat abandoned.

But, according to recent studies, there are many brain-friendly benefits of writing out letters, notes, essays, or journal entrees by hand that you can’t get from typing. Writing by hand really connects you with the words and allows your brain to focus on them, understand them, and learn from them.

Handwriting improves your memory

Obviously, taking notes using a laptop or a tablet is faster. Fact. But depending on what you’re trying to do, taking notes using a pen and paper can be more useful and beneficial. So basically, if you’re trying to memories or learn something, write it out, it helps you remember what you’re writing and helps you learn and understand it too! One study found that students who took notes by hand had a greater understanding of a lesson than those who took notes on a computer — even though they were able to type out more information.

Engage Your Brain

Writing requires your motor skills, and a collection of links around your brain called the reading circuit. (I didn’t know we humans had motor skills or a reading circuit either) This activates more parts of our brain than typing ever could. Basically handwriting uses a lot of brain cells, you’re using your hands, your eyes, your brain, lots of body parts and they’re all getting involved and engaged. Exciting stuff.

Wind Down

Writing can actually calm your brain down, which makes it a perfect winding-down activity at night. It also helps keep you more focused, which will naturally un-frazzle your brain from distractions.

Unleashes Your Creative Side

Since writing puts to work more parts of your mind than typing, it encourages more creativity. There are also subtle aspects of writing by hand that are more artistic than typing because each person’s handwriting is completely their own. This gives us our own writing identity, similar to an artist who has their own unique medium!

Can Ease Depression And Anxiety

When you’re feeling a little down, sometimes getting your thoughts onto paper can have a serious effect on your mood, in a good way of course. Believe it or not, your thoughts by writing them out can be an amazing therapy. Writing by hand, particularly in cursive, is rhythmic, so it helps your erratic thoughts get in a calming flow. Therefore, since you connect to words more when you write them out, you can also process a problem more easily when you put it to paper.

When you’re tap-tapping away on your computer guess what your 4.5 seconds away from? The internet, you-tube, twitter, Instagram, you’re ex boyfriends new girlfriends Instagram, which means if you find that Instagram there is no escaping and before you no it, it will be half Four in the morning and you’ll be 55 weeks deep in her next door neighbors cats Instagram, with tears streaming down your face because you remember that it wasn’t that long ago that your ex boyfriend was stroking your next door neighbors cat and now he’s found a new cat and everything’s changed and you’ve done ZERO revision for the biggest exam of your life that you’re probably going to sleep through and fail. Another reason to stay well away from your laptop and to get yourself some pens and some paper.


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