Every office needs at least one bookcase. The bookcase obviously is important to store those much-needed books that are read on a daily basis to help run your business, but can also serve as a focal point and help to enhance the aesthetics of your office. Below we share some bookcase design ideas for the office.

The purpose of the bookcase

Before choosing a bookcase for your office, you need to decide upon its purpose. Will it be storing your day to day books? Will it house those documents that are very rarely needed? Will the bookcase be part of the office décor and house books for prospective clients? You need to have a clear definition of what your bookcase will be used for before you buy. This is because there are so many designs out there that incorporate different numbers of shelves and additional cupboard space – for example, the Deluxe Combination Unit.

Room to grow

If you think that the number of books that you own will grow, then buying a bookcase that can grow with you is a good idea, like the Avior 1800m Cherry Bookcase. To begin with, you can use the additional empty shelves to place office statuary and gadgets. Alternatively, you can buy bookcases that come with additional shelving, to use as and when needed.

Importance of shape and size

The size and shape of your chosen bookcase are very important for the office. The size should be in keeping with the size of your office, so a smaller office should ideally have a smaller bookcase, such as the Jemini 800m Bookcase, so as to not dominate the space. There are also many different shapes to choose from, the low and wide bookcase, or the tall and thin bookcase. Again, what you chose very much depends upon the space available.

Make a bold statement

The bookcase can also be a design statement in your office. Fill it with brightly coloured books to make an interesting design feature. Proudly display your office related journals and reference books to make an eye-catching display, or stock up on stationery from Office Monster. Check out the Office Monster website for more bookshelf and office furnishing ideas and products!


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