Many modern offices choose to employ a CPD – a ‘clean desk policy’ – but if you’ve never encountered one, you might be a bit unsure what the perks are.

Here, we’re going to go through the benefits of keeping office desks clear.

1. It’s safer

In any business where storing confidential information is necessary – which is, let’s face it, a lot of businesses – it’s far safer to store all information digitally, and, where possible, to avoid printing any of it. The more paper containing loose information left lying around, the more risk there is of it being used for nefarious purposes. And on that note…

2. It’ll mean compliance

The UK’s Data Protection Act makes it a legal requirement for all businesses to keep personal information secure and locked away. As per our first point, a CPD can make a big difference in ensuring this.

3. It allows for hot desking

Modern businesses move fast. One staff member might work with three different teams in a day. The old approach of someone having their own desk often doesn’t work for contemporary companies. Keeping desks clear makes it easier for different people to move around and switch desks without worrying about having to also relocate all of the former occupant’s stuff!

4. It looks better

Appearance still matters. There’s something about a clean, orderly office that screams ‘in control’. And, of course, ‘in control’ is exactly the sort of image you want to present when pitching to new clients or when welcoming new employees.

5. It can reduce stress

A well-organised environment is more likely to make employees feel calm. This comes back to feeling in control. In a clean, relaxed office, employees will feel more capable and efficient. It’s strange, but it actually makes a huge difference. And, needless to say, the reverse is also true: a chaotic, messy office will often lead to employees feeling more stressed and under pressure – not what any business wants!

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