If you were to go back 10 or 20 years, the idea of a mobile office space would be subject to only a few privileged individuals. But, nowadays, with greater access to Wi-Fi and a growing ability to work freelance, the mobile office is a reality for ever more lucky individuals.

But, the problem of how to keep your working equipment and space organised and productive when you’re constantly alternating between different offices, airport lounges or cafes quickly arises. Here are three tips to help you organize and get the most out of your mobile office space.

1. Choose the right bag

Your bag will form the container for everything your mobile office needs, and the last thing you want to be doing every day is rummaging around trying to piece together everything you’ll need for the day ahead. If you simply require a laptop, a pen and paper, then this step should be easy for you. But if you require a few more pieces of equipment like binders, staplers and notepads, then consider a rolling case, which will allow you to carry more things and keep it all far better organised.

2. Buy the right equipment first time

One of the quickest ways to get fed up with a mobile office environment is by constantly finding yourself searching for small items in your case. Instead, invest a small amount of time and money in correct organizers for your bag, along with all of the equipment you will need.

Then, only ever use that equipment for business use, and never take it out around the home, where it will get lost. We offer all manner of office equipment, so if you are looking for good quality office stationery, take some time to browse our range now.

3. Decide whether to go digital

The internet really is a miraculous thing and, no matter what industry you are in, can drastically improve the way you work day to day. One of the great things about having a mobile office in this day and age is that you actually don’t need many of the things you still carry with you.

For example, Google offers a number of different applications, from docs to calendars to Gmail, which means you need to carry around less bulky pieces of equipment like calendars, planners and calculators. Of course, some physical products like pens and notepads and diaries can be incredibly practical, but it is good to find a suitable balance.


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