Hasn’t it now got to that time this year, as the dark nights draw in, and the temperature begins to drop, the thought of Christmas is beginning to creep into the back of everyone’s minds. And with Christmas comes, presents, prepping, organizing, and last of all, partying.

Everyone loves a good party. So why not reward your hard working office with a special seasonal soiree. We Office Monsters have got some fantastic affordable tips up our sleeves to help create the most successful party yet. Because party’s can be expensive, but this doesn’t mean it has to look like it, you can as they say, ‘have your party cake and eat it, too.’

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate the season while keeping down the costs:

Spread Some Cheer With Holiday Gifts

You don’t have to go bankrupt to show your employees how much you care. A meaningful, thoughtful girl can go a long way. Customized mugs, a photo frame, a customized calendar with personal pictures on each month along with a personal card, these are all meaningful ideas that won’t break the bank.

 Wet Their Appetites With mouth-watering Menus

A great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit, is putting a delicious spread on? Why not get some pulled pork? Some mulled wine if you can, and let the whole office know by sending an email around. You can also get some Christmas cake and mince pies to satisfy those sweet teeth.

Send Out Custom Invitations

Let the whole office know that they’re invited, and make sure nobody feels left out. A great way to do this is with some customized invitations it won’t cost you much and will increase your party attendance. Sometimes the occasion calls for something more than just an email blast to the entire company.

Put the “Office” Back into Your Office Party

Don’t even think about hiring somewhere to have party, your office will be the perfect place? Got a kitchen? Tick. Can it fit all the attendees? Tick. Computers that can play background music? Tick. Compared to a restaurant or hotel, hosting it yourself is more convenient and more cost-effective, and you’ll have higher employee attendance.

Turn It Into an Awards Dinner

If you’re still having trouble rationalizing the cost of a seasonal shindig, turn the event into a combination holiday office party/awards dinner. It’s a great way to mix in a little bit of business, recognize your employees with special awards and still raise a toast to the holidays.


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