Winter can be an awful place when you’re in an office full of other people. There’s a deathly flu going around, it’s absolutely freezing, the car park has become an ice rink and there’s too much work to do because everyone is ill. The days are short and cold. Dark comes early. And even when it’s not overcast, the sun shines with a light that barely warms the bare and empty landscape. It’s winter. The season of flus, colds, chapped lips and dry skin. It’s hard to stay healthy.

Never fear though, we at Office Monster have some top tips to help make winter in the office more bearable.

Healthy living tips when it’s cold outside

We suggest bringing a little blanket to pop in your drawer next to you and whenever you get a bit nippy, laying it over your legs might just give you that bit of warmth you need. Hot drinks can also help to keep you warm and can keep you hydrated.

Foods such as hot soups, stews and toasted sandwiches can all help to keep you warm and keep you healthy, which is what you need to be in the depths of winter. Getting a good nights sleep will also help to keep your immune system fighting fit.

Stay clean

Some viruses like the flu thrive in colder temperatures, but even worse, there’s evidence that the cold also negatively affects the immune system. It’s the perfect recipe for getting sick. Combat nasty bugs by using hand sanitizes and regularly using wet wipes to clean frequently used items like phones, keys and computer keyboards.

Moisturize dry skin

When the heater is blowing around the clock, and it’s minus 10 degrees outside, it can be easy for skin to dry out. Prevent or minimize windburn and uncomfortable cracking by regularly applying hand cream. Anywhere that is regularly exposed to the cold air is especially vulnerable.

If you’re sick, stay at home!

One of the most important, but often overlooked ways to stay healthy in winter is to avoid sick people. Don’t worry about PTO, sick people should stay home to reduce the risk of spreading contagious winter germs.


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