Keeping your office area clean is more important than you might think. And with Christmas coming up, which involves buying presents, organizing holidays, putting decorations up, inviting family over and pretending to like them, maintaining a clean office can often get shoved aside, along with important qualities such as having impeccable organisation skills, levels of productivity, and levels of concentration, which is not good news for your career. As well as this, if you maintain a good work ethic throughout Christmas, this will make you stand out from everyone else. So with a little help from Office Monster, you can achieve this.

Essential products for a clean desk

Your desk is a place that you spend most of your time so obviously, this is probably going to be the most lets say, unhygienic. Therefore, it’s important to keep it clean and tidy and luckily, you’ve come to the right place as we at Office Monster are absolute experts.

First get yourself some Q-Connect Screen & Keyboard Cleaning Fluid to keep that key board and that computer screen clean at all times, no more bits in-between keys, or dirty computer screens. Some Purell Hand and Surface Wipes are also handy to keep in your draw, especially if your clumsy and always spilling your brews everywhere.

Keeping your office smelling like a dream

If you work in an office, you will be well aware of all the deadly smells that can emerge. Whether it’s from Mr Lazy who can’t be bothered emptying their bins, or Mr ‘I’m going to cook left over salmon and garlic for lunch and stink the whole office out.’ And you will know yourself that getting into an argument over it, still won’t solve the fact that the office stinks or stop them from committing this crime again.

Therefore you need a solution. You need, Glade Pacific Breeze Air Freshener. You probably won’t clear the whole office, but clearing your desk area is a start. Keeping work environments smelling fresh and clean is ideal for refreshing reception areas and washrooms.

Can’t wait for cleaner? If you want something doing right, do it yourself

If your an office who has a cleaner once a week, often after 3 days of working doesn’t it seem your due another clean? The bins are overflowing, the carpet needs a hoover, you’ve got coffee stains all over your desk, chewed up pens and an empty Red bull kicking about under your chair. This won’t do, and sometimes you’ve simply got to do it yourself.

SO, you’ll need supplies. This doesn’t mean spending loads on cleaning products, you could even borrow the offices equipment, but whatever happens don’t leave it till Friday this will only lead to a lack of organization and lost files.

Cleaning you desk and your office not only helps you with productivity but also makes you stand out and look helpful, so there are lots of benefits. If you need any more advice or your office is in need of some cleaning products, visit Office Monster for more advice.


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