When you work in an office, the chances are you’ll be invited to a few meetings and unfortunately, they can’t be avoided. So, if you’re going to go, you may as well take full advantage of it, and take some notes so you can implement that information into your work. 

Therefore, arriving prepared is the first step. Not only will you look professional, it will also help you retain important information to put into practice in your work, once the meeting has finished. So, we Office Monsters have put together a list of our meeting essentials so that you arrive prepared and ready. 

Highlighter and pens

You might think that computers have made the old fashioned pen and paper nearly obsolete, but that just isn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong, computers are great, but they’ll never beat the old fashioned notebook and pen. Computers can crash, delete all your work, break and essentially can be very unreliable. Whereas, with a pen and a pad you know where you stand. All your notes will be safely in your bag. Highlighters are also an essential item to have in a meeting, they will not only help you to look professional but will help you to retain information.

Portable charger

Having a reliable portable charger is also an item to consider taking to a meeting, because often you might need not only your phone, but perhaps an Ipad, tablet or a laptop, and while you’re depending on them so much, it’s important to have a backup if one of these fails. Therefore, this portable charger would definitely be a useful item to bring into your meetings, simply charging it up the night before and then popping it in your bag, just in case.

A notebook

It goes without saying that a notebook is a must have during meetings, because unless you have one of those photographic memories, writing notes so you can retain information is definitely a good idea. Therefore, by having a good notebook this will allow you to take lots of notes, and will help you to recall and retain all that information and put it into practice in your own work.


Ensuring your meeting room has a clock on the wall is also something to consider, as this will help you to keep track of time, which is essential when in a meeting because nobody likes a meeting dragging on after it was supposed to be finished, and making sure you’re on time and on track will help you to finish on time or perhaps earlier.


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