Labels Labels Labels

Do you ever find that despite having an organised desk, you still manage to lose things, even the essentials, such as pens. Well we suggest you use labels. Label everything from boxes of food, to folders, to stationery boxes, to drawers. Trust me, it will make your life 10 x easier. You’ll always know where everything is and they’ll be no more losing things such as pens. If that wasn’t enough, labels quite simply make a space look and feel more organized.

Keep you desk in order

There’s nothing worse than trying to work when your desk is a mess. Despite a cluttered desk being the sign of a healthy mind, there is a line, and the line stops at tangled cables, over flowing bins and dusty tables. If your working area manages to get into that state, and believe me it can happen very easily, then something has to stop. Working in an environment like that can decrease productivity, motivation and really get you down. So it’s time to get things in order. Empty and clean out your bin, wipe away the dust, and purchase your self some different colored tape to wrap around the cable’s that you’ve just untangled. So now you know which color is for which electronic item.

Colour co-ordinate everything

Yes, you read right. Everything. There’s no shame in colour co-coordinating all your many files and when working in an office, you will have a lot of files. This especially applies to you if you’ve just started working in an office, because learning your way around systems, how to answer the phone and all the questions that comes with it will take a lot of note taking and learning. Therefore, why not purchase yourself a few colored folders, maybe even a quirky letter tray and if you’re feeling spontaneous go the whole way treat yourself to a Rexel Joy Desk Accessory Bundle!

Post it note galore

With everyone clinging on to that last little bit of motivation to stick to their new year resolution, being organised is key. It helps you keep your motivation levels up. Sticking little reminders on post it notes around your work space or at home, will help you to remember all you small but important tasks you need to get done, and will save you time and energy and keep your stress levels low.

A Suitable Diary

Just any old diary won’t do, you need a diary suited to your needs. Do you have a jam packed week ahead, full of meetings, interviews and writing reports and deadlines? We have the perfect diary, the Collins Classic Manager Week to View Appointment Diary, is perfect.

It has a full A4 page, to write in all the information that comes with working in a busy office. You can leave in on your desk, bring it to all your meetings and be on time and organised whenever where ever you go. However if you are needing one for your bag for home and personal use, a little A5 Day Per Page Appointment Diary Black will easily fit in your day to day bag or your car, and whenever something comes up, simply pop all your info in there and you’ll never double book again.


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