It goes without saying that the office can sometimes become a hot bed for bugs and viruses. With everybody working so closely with each other, staying fighting fit and healthy while everyone is coughing and sneezing around you can be difficult. But there are precautions you can take to try to stay healthy.

Did you know, the keyboard on your computer could potentially be dirtier than a toilet seat. If that isn’t enough to make you whip out some hard core bleach and wash the entire office down, I don’t know what will. With that in mind, how crazy is it to think that often we can go weeks, sometimes months tapping away at our keyboards completely unaware of the fact that it might be covered in bacteria and this could potentially be a major issue and cause of illness. Therefore, it’s time for a clean.

Wipe your desk down

First and foremost, wipe your desk down. Not just ‘a quick up and down the desk’, you need to make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies, especially on your keyboard. Perhaps turning your computer off would be a good idea and giving the screen, mouse and keyboard a good wipe every once and a while, to ensure you have a squeaky clean desk and working environment.

Just think, this Q-Connect screen & keyboard cleaning fluid could be the difference between a deadly flu and staying fighting fit whilst everyone is seriously struggling.

Have something handy for those little spills

It’s essential to have something in the draws next to you just in case you spill your coffee or tea or (if you’re really clumsy, like most of us at Office Monster) manage to spill your lunch all over your desk because during a busy day at work, you might not have time to rush to the kitchen or the toilet to get some kitchen roll or toilet roll to wipe it up with, therefore you might forget about it and leave a little spill on your desk and this can get really unhygienic if left for a while.

Therefore, why not keep a little pack of EcoTech Industrial Hand Wipes, next to your desk and then if you spill something, you’ll have something to wipe it away with and have your desk staying crystal clean.

Complete this out of working hours

If your desk does need a little clean, make sure you don’t complete this during working hours. It’s essential to keep things clean and tidy however, during working hours, work comes first. So if your desk does need a little clean, perhaps consider getting to work a little earlier, or leaving 5 minutes later to give your desk that little clean that it might need.

Hopefully, by doing this and taking these precautions it should help you to stay fighting fit while everyone else is coughing and spluttering, and give you that piece of mind that your desk completely clean.


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