Staying cool in 25°+ temperatures can be hard, let alone when you’re in a busy office full of busy people, all rushing around and going to meetings in stuffy, restricted clothing not to mention the almost impossible task of trying to ensure the air conditioning doesn’t shut off every 5 minutes. Therefore, if you’re looking to cool down in your office, here are some helpful tips that might just help you out.

Fans Fans Fans

This little Q-Connect Clip on Fan can be a life saver in what can feel like boiling weather conditions. Simply clipping it on your desk and letting it work it’s magic could really cool you down.

Open the door

Leaving the door a jar can make a big difference, this will allow the cool refreshing air from outside to filter through the stuffy office, making the working conditions a little more bearable.

Stay hydrated

When it’s really warm outside, staying hydrated is even more important than normal. You can become light headed, get bad headaches and even feel sick when you’re dehydrated in really hot weather conditions. That is why it’s essential to have a bottle of water on your desk or in your bag each day.

The amount of water you are supposed to drink to stay fighting fit is 2 liters per day, however when you’re working in a busy office all day, it is easy to forget all about it. Which is why having that bottle of water next to your desk will be that little reminder that you need to drink and so you can avoid any unnecessary headaches, and if you don’t like the taste of water, perhaps placing it in the fridge for an hour or two so it is icy cold might make it a little tastier. Office Monster also sells a selection of flavored water, so why not have a little browse.

 Wear lighter clothing

If you have checked the weather the night before and you know it is going to be a warm day, it would be a good idea to perhaps plan an outfit that would be suitable for those conditions, and that way you won’t be sat at work in skin tight clothing that you can barely breath in.

Get out of the office

In England, we rarely get hot weather and if we do it’s on a Friday whilst we’re sat in an boiling office from 9am till 5pm, which is frustrating because it’s so close to the Weekend, and yet you still have to work all day. Therefore, make sure you spend your lunch and any breaks you get outside, sat in the sun to make sure you make the most of the lovely weather.

Set earlier alarms for a more relaxed commute

When it is boiling outside, the last thing that you’ll want to do is heave yourself out of bed and spend all day at work. Therefore, a lot of the time you can stay in bed as long as possible contemplating whether to call in sick or not only to dive out of bed at the last minute and have a hectic drive to work. Therefore if you know it’s going to be a nice day, perhaps setting your alarm a little earlier and having a leisurely and relaxed morning might be a good idea and enable you to set the day of right.


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