Whilst we’re all holding out for a scorcher of a summer, it’s no secret that the good old Great British weather is far from reliable. So, just in case the sun doesn’t come out tomorrow (sorry, we couldn’t resist), we thought we’d pull together some suggestions to show how you can give your stationery a summer makeover to brighten up even the dullest of days.

Super Sticky Colour Notes Post-its 

Pimp up your Post-its with this themed collection which includes an array of colours in destination inspired packs including Rio, Marrakesh, Bora Bora, Bangkok and Miami – we can all dream ey!

Rapesco Supaclip 40 Refill Clips 

With a cheery yellow emoji face and a perfect pink heart, these jolly additions will help you sail through summer with fashionably fastened documents and not a stapler in sight – now where’s that yacht?!

Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel Pens 

You might not be able to skip over the boring daily tasks on your to do list, but that’s not to say that you can’t make them a little more joyous by injecting some colour. We also hear that these super cool pens are great for doodling – which is meant to be a great stress reliever!

Pukka Colour and Personalise Project Book 

….While we’re on that note, get the creative juices flowing with this fun and functional customisable project book, which is also perfect for channeling those pent up frustrations saving you from an irreversibly damaging argument with your pen-clicking colleague – yes, we all have one!

STABILO Neon Highlighters 

Get your neon on and make those documents glow like an Ibiza rave. It’ll feel like you’re within touching distance – honest!

Now, on a side note, it doesn’t take much to keep us happy, smiling and even singing along to the radio here at Office Monster. So, if our round-up of colourful stationery items just doesn’t cut it, you’re welcome to give us a call for further recommendations. We might also give you an extra special rendition of Kokomo, Cococabana or another suitably summer themed tune which is sure to get you in the mood.


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