Temperatures soar making our Office Monster Roar


Temperatures in the UK are currently at boiling point and it’s turning our purple Office Monster a vibrant shade of rouge!

To keep our friendly mascot happy, we’re having to put ice cubes in his water cooler and cover him from fang-to-foot in wet towels. It’s a full time job but not something our lovely customers have to worry about with our selection of products that are specifically designed to keep the temperatures at a more comfortable level.

So, if you are in fear of turning into a sweaty mess this summer, simply browse our site and choose from our mega selection of fans, coolers and refills that come in an array of shapes, sizes and price points to suit all budgets.

Here’s a summary of the top sellers this season

Popular this summer are our desk top fans, which will keep your office space cool and comfortable. Mains powered we have two of the perfect options for you to choose from; the two-speed desk top fan at just £13.99 or the 12 inch one speed alternative at £20.55.

Both come with sturdy desk mount and can be adjusted to just the right height and rotation. Never mind hot and bothered, getting through that pile of paperwork will be a breeze – you just might want to have a paperweight at the ready!

Still not sure, if you want something small, smart and affordable we have just the gadget.

Double click onto our nifty 6 inch Clip Fan at just £11.99 for further details. Tiltable, it streams cool air on to your keyboard once you’ve attached it to your deskside using the sprung clip. Perfect for those that want to set their own temperature, rather than being subject to that particular office politics.

If you’re all fanned out, then you may want to think about hydration and that’s where one of our handy water cooler refills at just £8.55 each would come into play. Drinking lots of water is known to improve attention and performance – it’s a win, win.

Holding up to 15 litres of water, our refills are the ideal accessory for your cooling station. Containing water sourced from our registered well in the Scottish hills (it’s true, Office Monster’s good friends with old Nessie from the Loch) the canisters are 100 per cent recyclable, making them a green, clean buy.

Here at Office Monster, we like to go that extra mile, and that’s why we also have a range of skincare to choose from. It’s not just about protection when you’re in the office – it’s also about prevention when you’re out and about. That’s why we have a selection of sun creams available at the click of a button.

Never mind the class clown, no one wants to be the office lobster!

Phew, that round-up has us frazzled. Time to pull the cord on that fan and get back to looking after that Office Monster of ours.


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